Which whisky would you classify as luxury and rare?

Personally, we believe that all whisky is a luxury offered to the world, however, we feel for it to fall under the umbrella of luxury and rare it should be either; a single cask release, a limited release, no longer available from the distillery, no longer produced from the distillery, silent distillery bottlings or just a damn good dram.

How many times can I enter the same competition?

As many as you like. The more entries you buy the higher the odds become for you. Please purchase sensibly.

Do I have to be 18 to enter?

Yes. If we deem an entrant to be under legal drinking age, you will be removed from the competition.

Do I have to be located within the UK to enter?

Yes, you must be located within the UK to enter.

I can't get through to checkout?

Make sure you are logged into your online account. Please register for an online account if you are a new user to the website.

How do I pay for a ticket?

All transactions are handled through our online secure payment platform. We will never ask for any card details outside of this secure payment system.

How can I get a free ticket?

Please see our "Terms & Conditions" for how to enter our competitions for free.

My coupon code won't work?

No coupon codes will work for Charity competitions. If you are not entering for a charity competition, and you have a coupon that won't work, please get in touch, providing the coupon hasn't expired or has exceeded the use.

Why do I have to answer a multiple-choice question when purchasing my ticket?

This is a competition so each time you purchase a ticket(s), you are required to answer it correctly to be entered.

I answered the question incorrectly, please can you change it for me?

Your answer cannot be changed. As stated in our Terms & Conditions, if you answer the question incorrectly, mistake or not, you will not be entered. You may purchase more tickets though if you wish.

How will my entry number(s) be assigned to me?

The entry numbers will be randomly assigned and shown on the Entry List prior to the live draw commencing.

Where can I see the entry list?

The entry list will be published prior to the draw going live Please click on the entry list section on the competition you have entered to view it.

What details will be published on the entry list?

Your username will be displayed, alongside your entry number and your answer to the question.

How long does the competition run for / when does the competition close?

Each competition will vary. The closing date will be clearly displayed on each competition.

How is the winner chosen?

We will use Google's Random number generator to select a winner. We will do this while live streaming on Facebook.

When will I receive my bottle if I win?

We will contact you immediately once the draw ends through email to request a UK address to send the bottle to. You should expect it 3-5 working days from when we receive your reply depending on location.

Will the same bottle be run more than once?

If there is a high demand for a certain bottle that sells out quickly, then yes, we will endeavour to get our hands on another bottle, either the same or very similar to run in a near-future competition.

What if I miss the live draw and I win?

Providing you have given us the correct contact details, we will get in contact with you.

Will I need to pay extra for postage?

No, postage is free including insurance. 

What if my bottle is damaged in transit?

Postage will be insured so in the unlikely event there is damage, we would need the bottle to be returned to us to allow us to file an insurance claim. Please see our terms & conditions for full details.